Why do we have profile pages?

Learn more about an agent

We’ve designed our profile pages with you in mind. It has all the relevant information you need know about an agent, and what you’d look for when researching a company.

Compare services, not just fees

We know that choosing an agent is not just about fees, but about what services they offer. Our profile pages tell you more information about an agent’s service, expertise, experience and more.

Check agent accreditations and regulations

We know how important an agent’s accreditations and regulations are, and how this helps you build trust with an agent. You’ll find all this information on our profile pages, giving you confidence and clarity on where each agent stands.

Make better-informed choices

Our profile pages have comprehensive information about each agent listed on our site. It gives more information about their company, values, staff, opening times and website and social media links so you can get to know them better, and ensure they meet your needs.

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