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When to hire a Structural Engineering Inspector for your property

By Guest Blogger on in Buying, Selling

When to hire a Structural Engineering Inspector for your property

By Julie Scott

A Structural Engineering Inspector completes an in-depth analysis of the condition of your home’s structure. While a regular building inspection will follow a checklist of common problematic areas for all houses, such as drainage and insulation, a structural engineering inspection looks at the groundwork of your property to check how stable your home is and evaluate its longevity.

It may also be worthwhile checking non-structural aspects of a property, and much of that you could complete yourself. SPI property inspections have a handy home checklist to show you what you need to think about.

Six top reasons to hire a Structural Engineering Inspector

These six points show you when a Structural Engineering Inspector is superior to a general property inspector.

1. Buying a house

If you’re about to invest in a property, you’ll want to make sure it’s a sound investment. A structural inspection gives you peace of mind that your new home is strong and stable. It will also highlight problems that could result in costly repairs. Either way, it’s better to know before you take the plunge.

You may also find that when you’re applying for a loan or mortgage, if you have undertaken a structural inspection, the banks are more likely to give you finance.

2. Selling your home

If you’re trying to sell your home, a structural inspection may help you sell quicker and at a higher market value. This is because you can prove the building is in excellent condition, and the new owners are unlikely to need expensive repairs done.

3. Cracked walls

If you’ve started to notice cracks in the walls of your property, the building has moved on its foundations. This can be caused by waterlogging, structural decay or ground movement. You’ll need to identify the problem and repair it before the house deteriorates further.

4. Doors/windows not shutting properly

If your doors or windows have jammed shut or will no longer fit into their frames properly, it’s a sign of structural damage or ground movement. This can leave your home open to break-ins or lack of ventilation depending on how the fittings are jammed – but the structural issue is likely to worsen over time. A Structural Engineering Inspector will source the issue and offer an expert remedial plan.

5. Uneven floors

Uneven or slanted floors in your property means your home is starting to sink on its foundations at one or more corners. Once this begins, the problem will progressively worsen. With the help of a Structural Engineering Inspector, you can identify the problem area and begin reinforcing the foundations to save your home.

6. Ground movement

If you live in an area prone to ground movement or earthquakes, you’ll need to enlist the help of a Structural Engineering Inspector to make sure your property isn’t suffering. You may even need to carry out regular inspections if you know this is an on-going issue.