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Tidy your garden or risk £60,000

By Guest Blogger on in Selling

Tidy your garden or risk £60,000

By Josh Cousens, abbotFox Estate Agents

Research has exposed that it takes only 10 seconds for a buyer to decide if they like a property, and this is before they even set foot inside. This information means having an unkempt garden could theoretically reduce a property’s value by up to £60,000. In a recent poll, just under half the audience said they would take up to 20 per cent off an asking price if the exterior was not up to scratch.

We’ve compiled a short list of simple tips to help you keep your garden in order and retain the value of your home. Any labourers you invest in to tidy up the outside of your property will not only reap dividends when you come to selling, but it will also generate a more agreeable space for you to enjoy in your current home. A whopping third of buyers revealed that they wouldn’t take the time to look inside a property if they disliked the exterior.

The small details in kerb appeal can also really boost the financial value of your property. Big and expensive changes to the exterior of your home are not necessarily important. Modest deviations such as keeping the area clean and tidy will enhance a viewer’s perception immediately. A hefty expenditure into a personal landscaping project may look fantastic to you, but may not have the same allure to an outside buyer.

Neutral and tidy gardens generally tend to appeal to a wide demographic; whereas an exterior that is packed full of personal touches may not carry the same attraction. If you know a viewing is taking place soon, allow yourself time to mow the grass and trim back the overgrown hedges. Tend to any gates that may not have seen a lick of paint in a while, and ensure you fix the loose fence panels that became loose during the windier winter.

Making the effort to clear away any litter and to manage those unwanted weeds will undoubtedly work in your favour when selling your home. If you can borrow your neighbour’s pressure washer, give your patio a seeing to and arrange your garden furniture so it’s unobtrusive for any visitors – including your bins.

The inside tip is to keep your exterior neat, non-hazardous and attractive.