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Revealed: the UK’s ideal home

By Vin Parmar on in Industry News

Revealed: the UK’s ideal home

The UK’s ideal home is not just eco-friendly, but spacious with lots of storage space.

In an online survey by GoCompare Mortgages of 2,000 UK residents, results show people favoured a two-storey, simply designed and sustainable detached home with three bedrooms and a modest but medium sized garden.

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Ideal home kitchen

Where do people want their ideal home to be?

Small town and suburb locations proved to be popular, but most preferred to place their ideal home in a village.

However, Londoners had different views, with 70 per cent saying they’d need to live in a commuting distance of a city.

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Location statistics

Interior layout and style

While 28 per cent of UK adults favoured a modern, eco-minimalist architecture, they took a more traditional route when picking their interiors. More than half chose either a country house style or a traditional style.

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Interior design statistics

Nearly 19 per cent of Northern Ireland residents chose a period interior, and 25 per cent of Londoners opted for a minimalist style home.

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Ideal home dining area

When it came to choosing their additional rooms, the three most popular spaces were:

• A garage (46 per cent)
• A conservatory (40 per cent)
• A utility room (36 per cent)

Eco-friendly additions

On average, 60 per cent of people said they’d include solar panels on their ideal home. There’s an increase in these numbers in Wales at 71 per cent, the South West at 68 per cent and the North West at 63 per cent. Many respondents – 51 per cent – said they’d include rainwater features and 46 per cent would have eco-friendly lighting.

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Ideal home sitting room


Mostly people favoured a fuss free garden, with many opting for simplicity. Yorkshire and Humber were the biggest nature lovers, with 27 per cent saying they’d want a wildlife friendly garden, followed by 24 per cent in the North East and 23 per cent in Scotland.

Outdoor accessories also proved popular, with 63 per cent of people choosing to include a shed. Water features were favoured by 35 per cent and ponds by 25 per cent – making them the next most popular among outdoor additions.

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Garden Statistics

See the UK’s ideal home video.

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Ideal home master bedroom

Matt Sanders, spokesperson for GoCompare Mortgages, said: “Having the chance to design or build our own home sounds like something we’d all jump at given the chance, and aspiring to own your own home is ingrained in our cultural DNA. We’re encouraged to get on the property ladder as soon as possible, with renting often chastised for being ‘dead money’.

“From both an investment and a borrowing perspective it’ll always come down to resale value. Whatever you spend on building or improving your home should add value – and it only adds value if other buyers agree and are willing to part with their cash for your property.

“You should always talk about any unusual features as soon as possible with your advisor, who should be free and impartial, so they can make appropriate recommendations.”