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How can you keep your property safe during the dark nights?

By Guest Blogger on in Home Security

How can you keep your property safe during the dark nights?

By Ryan Weston, writing on behalf of Just Landlords Insurance Services

The dark nights have already started to draw in and Winter is around the corner.

Unfortunately, the darker nights bring with them an increased opportunity for burglars to target properties. In fact, statistics indicate that the transition between the Autumn and Winter months traditionally sees a rise of 25 per cent in burglaries in the UK.

With Christmas on the horizon, a number of properties will be left vacant, as people visit loved ones over the festive period.

As such, letting agents, landlords, and tenants alike must make sure they take sufficient preventative measures to protect both themselves and their property.

Essential tips on keeping your property safe during the dark nights

We’ve listed our six top tips to keeping your property safe:

1. Keep under lock and key

This is an obvious request, but you’d be surprised how many burglaries occur as a direct result of people not locking their windows or doors. What’s more, don’t leave keys in the surrounding area to your property, such as under the mat or plant pot. Police figures from 2014 show that 6,000 burglaries took place through intruders using a key to gain access.

2. Let there be light

It’s good practice to put lamps on a timer when the property is unoccupied, to give the impression that someone is at home. In addition, consider installing motion-sensitive lighting sensors above garages, porches and entrances to gardens.

3. Sound the alarm

A vital part of home security is a burglar alarm. Landlords and letting agents should make sure their tenants know how to set the alarm and how to switch it off when they return.

4. Get by with a little help

The festive period sees many people leave their properties unoccupied as they visit friends and family. Should you know your property is to lay vacant for a period, entrust the help of a friend or neighbour to make regular visits. They will be able to sort out the mail, open and close curtains and make the property look lived in to deter potential intruders.

5. Don’t create an easy target

People are now seemingly airing everything about their lives on social media. Be warned. Thieves are more commonly utilising these platforms to select their next victims. Be savvy and never reveal that your property is going to be empty by letting the online community know.

6. Never assume

Don’t ever think that your property will be safe. Regardless of whether your neighbourhood is quiet or if you live above ground floor level, you must remain vigilant. Would-be intruders are going to more extreme lengths to get what they want, so make sure you do all you can to keep your property safe.