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Give your living room a Miss Congeniality makeover with our top tips

By Bea Patel on in Home Improvements

Give your living room a Miss Congeniality makeover with our top tips

Many of us are familiar with the film Miss Congeniality – Gracie Hart played by Sandra Bullock, an FBI Special Agent who undergoes a makeover to prepare for her undercover role in a beauty pageant. With her tired and dull looking appearance, Gracie’s makeover transforms her image.

The same concept can also apply to our homes. As one of the most used rooms in a home, our living room space can begin to look tired over time. You can be fed up and bored with the décor if you haven’t changed it in a while. Pealing wallpaper, worn paint, fingerprints on the walls, clutter and worn out pillows can all contribute to a dull and tired looking room.

There are changes you can make to revitalise your room, add character and style, and pour some life back into your living area. Here are our five top tips to refresh and uplift your room:

Tip 1: Add a lick of paint

Painting your walls is a cheap and easy way to liven up your living room, instantly changing the mood of your room. The colour you choose should depend on the mood you want for the room, but you should consider colours that compliment and match what you have in your living room, such as your furniture and rug.

Boat at Sunset wall art by ArtbyPunam above sofas with bold coloured pillows - Shop for an Agent
Boat at Sunset wall art above sofas with bold coloured pillows. Image credit: ArtbyPunam – artbypunam.com

Tip 2: Create your focal point

As many things in life have a leading role – for example a film, your room should have a leading focal point too. This could be your fireplace, the TV wall or a different wall. You could be bold and add a bright colour to your focal point wall, which will make the room feel bigger.

You could add wallpaper to your feature wall, choosing a colour and pattern appropriate to how bold you want to go. You can put up a piece of artwork or a ceramic or wood wall sculpture, and add light to draw attention to it. The idea is to make one central feature, drawing the eye right to the centre of it.

Tip 3: Rearrange your furniture

Moving your furniture around can make a world of difference to your living room, and layout is important. Moving your sofas to face each other or laying it out in an L-shape can invite conversations and give a lounging feeling. Try not to overcrowd your room. Allowing space around furniture means you can move around it with ease, making for gracious living. Cluttering furniture into your living room will look and feel congested, preventing a comfortable feeling.

Once you’ve arranged the furniture, jazz up your room with some new pillows and a throw on your sofas. It’s a great way to add colour to the room and it’s cheaper if you sew it yourself. If you’re struggling for a colour scheme and you’re putting up wall art, you can pick colours or tones from the art piece.

Blue Masai wall art by ArtbyPunam with feature accessories - Shop for an Agent
Blue Masai wall art with feature accessories. Image credit: ArtbyPunam – artbypunam.com

Tip 4: Brighten things up

Adding light will brighten up your room and can act as art. Be careful not to light up everything in your room, as nothing will stand out. You should add layers of light, for example adding light to your focal point, then to a secondary point, and finally you can add table lamps for general lighting.

Tip 5: Accessorise

Accessorising doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use existing items from around your home, such as a family photo frame, books, a plant, travel souvenirs or collectable items. You can add wall art – its visual appearance can give character to your room and contribute to the overall theme you’re going for.

Try using some of our tips to liven up your living area and add the spark back into the room.