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Five worthwhile value adding investments

By Guest Blogger on in Home Improvements

Five worthwhile value adding investments

By Josh Cousens, abbotFox Estate Agents

No homeowner wants to sell their property for a below par price, meaning that investing finances and effort into home improvements can greatly aid the guarantee of achieving a good price on the sale.

Enhancements to a property can breathe a new lease of life and add to the current value of your home. We researched the subject and have found the top five value adding improvements that we believe are worthwhile investing in.

1. An Extension

Extensions come in all shapes and sizes and can be instrumental in adding value to your property. An extension that is done well and adds well-proportioned rooms to your property, while remaining sympathetic to the current architecture can be a major selling point.

On the flip side, an alteration of character can also be favourable to certain buyers who appreciate an external juxtaposition of styles.

2. Loft Conversion

If your loft space has adequate room for a conversion, it can create a healthy return and some additional living space. An extra bedroom can add between nine and 10 per cent to the value of your property, particularly if the bedroom is a loft conversion.

It’s worth noting that it’s not advisable to eat too far into your loft space if it’s in short supply.

3. En-Suite

The addition of a supplementary bathroom is always a valuable selling point, and the demand for en-suite facilities have largely been fuelling this trend, predominantly in master bedrooms. A leading expert has cited that an extra bathroom can add up to six per cent to your property value.

4. New Kitchen

Although a new kitchen is a substantial investment, many consider the kitchen to play a pivotal role in a home – often serving as the focal point, particularly with the modern trend of open plan kitchen/diners. Providing an attractive and low maintenance kitchen will generate a more generous return, with research suggesting an additional of six per cent to your property’s valuation.

5. Conservatory

Our final suggestion is the construction of a conservatory, fashioning an open plan, glass panelled room which can be utilised throughout the year, while appreciating exterior views. It could mean you forfeit some of your garden, but will entitle you more internal space. Depending on size, you may not even need planning permission. Experts suggest a conservatory could add up to five per cent to your home’s value.