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Are smart homes the way forward?

By Guest Blogger on in Industry News

Are smart homes the way forward?

By Josh Cousens, abbotFox Estate Agents

Living in the digital age has revolutionised the way we build and design properties. Modern houses are increasingly being fixed with smart home technology to bring down the costing of bills, and to allow homeowners to control a vast array of their household amenities from the comfort of one device. Houses for sale in Norwich are no different. Customised, located in Loddon, are one of the most innovative smart home installation businesses in the UK.

Winter mornings never have to be cold again. With the aid of smart home technology, you can control the thermostat without even pulling back the covers, with a single and simple touch of a button on your tablet. Lighting can be controlled via sensors and timers, meaning you won’t have to pay the price for when you forgot to turn off the switch. You can control curtains, television, audio, security systems and much more via one device, minimising the fortuitous risk of losing a particular remote – making life a lot simpler for the user.

Kris Gamble from Customised revealed how: “Smart home control features can reduce energy wastage in the home. On average, heating represents 60 per cent of the homes total energy bills. Zoned heating control can reduce this cost by 25 per cent. A lighting control system can set all lighting in the home to 90 per cent, thus saving 10 per cent on the energy used and extending the lifetime of the expensive LED bulb.” This highlights the savings that can be exploited through smart home technology.

He also explained how “a smart home is modern, efficient and convenient. Zoned heating and lighting control can reduce energy consumption, which combined with curtain and blind controls ensure the home is comfortable and constant. Timed lighting sequences and blinds or curtains opening and closing when away from the home mimic occupancy and increase security. Wi-Fi access points offer seamless coverage throughout the home and garden.” These facts explain the convenience the technology can offer to make home life more comfortable.

The generic property for sale in Norwich is beginning to wake up to the benefits that smart home technology can bring to a home, in terms of bringing down the cost of bills and making life easier for oneself.