About Us

We understand that your property is your most valuable asset. Selling or letting it can be a difficult task, and finding the right agent to support you through this process is critical.

How can Shop for an Agent help?

We bring together online and high street estate agents and auction companies in one place so you can compare their services, see why they’re suitable to sell or let your property, and compare their competitive fees.

We understand that finding the right estate agent is not just about the cheapest fee. It’s also about the specific services the agent can provide, how they are best equipped to sell or let your property, what their local knowledge of the area is like and much more.

So we’ve created a comprehensive and tailored estate agent comparison website that helps you to make better-informed choices when choosing an agent. And because of our unique quoting platform, you can be sure you’ll get highly competitive quotes. Everything you’d expect from an estate agent comparison site.

Mission, Vision & Values

At Shop for an Agent, we understand how important it is to look ahead at changing trends. We strive to be forward thinking and innovative, to use technology to make the online process as easy to use as possible.

Using the internet to find and compare deals, save money and read reviews has become part of everyday life. And while there are comparison sites for a lot of products and services, there’s not much when it comes to comparing estate and letting agents.

We look ahead to analyse and understand the changes and trends in technology, so we can work with them to provide you with an easy, quick and simple online experience.

We aim to bridge the gap between our consumers and agents. We’re passionate about transparency and making life easier for you and estate agents alike.

About Shop for an Agent

Shop for an Agent simplifies and improves the process of selling and letting your property. Our website provides an easy-to-use, simple process to compare estate agents fees and services.

Shop for an Agent Company Values

Our company values are our culture. It’s what guides our people and our business. Our values are based on:

  • Forward thinking
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Expertise
  • Transparency
  • Simplicity

Environmental Action

At Shop for an Agent we take an active approach to the impact we have on the environment, through the way we work, to how we change the way you search for property services.

As a company, we strive to keep our environmental impact low. As an online business we promote a paperless culture in our offices, and encourage our staff not to print emails and documents unless necessary, and to use email communication wherever possible. We also encourage them to extend this outside of the workplace.

As a business that provides you with the ability to compare estate agents, removal companies and to search for properties to buy or rent online, we help you protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Our charity policy

At Shop for an Agent, we take an active approach to donating to charity, whether it’s through donating money directly, or through fundraising efforts.

We feel strongly about donating to charity, and encourage our staff to engage in fundraising activities, whether individually or as a team.